ATTENTION: We’re moving! In late August, our community service center in Jamaica, Queens will be located at 90-34 161st Street.
  • It’s You First

  • Affinity cares about what you care about. That’s a fact now … and a promise for the future.

    It started in 1987 when, responding to the lack of health resources at the time, Affinity Health Plan founders banded together with local community health centers and medical practices to offer affordable healthcare coverage to the underserved in the Bronx.

    Over the last 32 years, Affinity has grown from that fledgling Bronx-based health plan to one serving nearly 300,000 members in New York City and neighboring counties. Affinity prides itself on remaining community-based and an integral part of families’ lives and well-being. By stressing the importance of primary care, we encourage our members to make smart life choices to ease the burden of illness and its associated costs. We approach health care holistically, by advocating prevention over cure, healthy foods and strong bodies for everyone in your family.

    Caring about what you care about — better health, stronger families, more vibrant communities.

    We work and live in your neighborhoods, so we understand that an engaged and vital community contributes to everyone’s physical and mental well-being. That’s why we have partnered with 40,000 providers and 83 hospitals, along with pharmacies and community health centers, to provide you with a network of accessible and economical healthcare coverage options as diverse as New York itself.

    Remaining independent, honest and transparent.

    At Affinity we recognize the importance of our commitment to you and to the values we share, including:

    • Commitment to improving health and health care
    • Respect for all people
    • Partnership and collaboration
    • Integrity, honesty and transparency
    • Constructive change and innovation

    You are our members, our doctors, our partners, our employees. To us, it’s you first.