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  • HIV-positive Members: Designating a specialist as PCP


    In September 2010, NYSDOH mandated managed care enrollment for Medicaid beneficiaries with HIV/AIDS. To maximize and improve care coordination, specialists are now encouraged to act as a Member’s primary care physician in individual cases.


    Here is detailed information about the background of this process, who can request the PCP designation; and how the process works.


    Updated credentialing/directory listing for ID/AIDS/HIV providers 

    AIDS/HIV providers may be listed in the Affinity provider directories as Infectious Disease (or their primary practice specialty) providers, or as AIDS/HIV Specialists. They may also be listed in our directory as “HIV Experienced Providers” if they meet certain criteria. Learn more 


    Request to Serve as an Affinity Member’s PCP (mandatory for all providers)  

    View the form 


    Amendment to the agreement for specialty care services between  

    Affinity Health Plan and providers   

    For contractors who agree to provide primary care services to specific mutually agreed members. (This form is intended only for solo providers and providers in small groups who did not submit primary care information to Affinity when they were credentialed or recredentialed.)

    View the agreement