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    This page details other benefits for Affinity Members. Each listing includes Web links and phone numbers. Use them to learn more about these benefits:

    Behavioral health and substance abuse services

    Beacon Health Strategies provides behavioral health and substance abuse services. Beacon’s network specialists develop and deliver services for our Members. Visit for a listing of providers, to research community resources or to access the Beacon Healthwise Knowledge Base.

    • Member Contact Information
      • 24 Hour Clinical Access: (800) 974-6831
      • Main Number: (781) 994-7500
      • Fax Number: (781) 994-7600
      • TTY Number [For Hearing Impaired]: (781) 994-7660
      • Feedback Survey

    Visit their Web site at or contact them at 1-888-438-1914. To view your claims, visit MyBeacon portal. Additionally, there are resources available to access information regarding Transition Age Youth (TAY) and members with First Episode Psychosis (FEP), community forums, volunteer activities, and community organizations.


    Superior Vision is a national vision benefits manager. Superior Vision’s network of optometrists provides routine vision care for all Affinity Members. Visit their Web site at or contact them at 1-800-879-6901.


    CVS Caremark is Affinity's pharmacy benefits manager for Medicaid. Members in these programs can get prescription drugs not only at CVS pharmacies, but all the other chain and independent pharmacies that participate in their network. Visit their Web site at, or contact them at 1-855-465-0031. 

    For Medicare, call 1-800-417-3367. 


    Effective June 1, 2014, DentaQuest provides dental services to Members in CHP, Medicaid, Medicare and Affinity Essential Qualified Health Plans through their network of contracted providers. Visit their Web site at or contact them at 1-866-731-8004.


    Landmark Healthcare provides managed chiropractic services to our Medicare members through its local provider network.

    Visit their Web site at For these services, contact Affinity directly at 1-866-247-5678.

    The benefits shown here are provided for basic informational purposes only. More detailed and specific information about the benefits available to Members in Affinity's health programs is available by directly contacting the benefits administrators. 

    Laboratory Services

    BioReference Laboratories: 800.229.5227
    GeneDX: 888.729.1206
    GenPath Women’s Health: 800.633.4522
    GenPath Oncology: 800.627.1479

    Empire City Laboratories, Inc.: 718.788.3840

    LabCorp: 888.522.2677
    Integrated Oncology: 800.710.1800
    Dianon Systems, Inc.: 800.328.2666
    Integrated Genetics: 800.848.4436
    Litholink Corporation: 800.338.4333
    MedTox Laboratories, Inc.: 800.832.3244
    Monogram Biosciences, Inc.: 800.777.0177

    Lenco Diagnostic Lab: 855.870.0097

    Spectra (including Shiel Medical Lab): 800.553.0873

    Sunrise Medical Laboratories: 800.782.0282

    Xeron Clinical Laboratories: 718.762.3310

    Quest Diagnostics, Inc.: 866.697.8378

    Transportation Services

    Affinity Health Plan no longer coordinates, or provides reimbursement for, non-emergency medical transportation for Members residing in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

    The following reflects non-emergency transportation details for Affinity’s service area:

    Bronx Y 01/01/2013 LogistiCare (877) 564-5922 (877) 585-8779 (fax)
    Kings Y 01/01/2013 LogistiCare (877) 564-5922 (877) 585-8758 (fax)
    Manhattan Y 01/01/2013 LogistiCare (877) 564-5922 (877) 585-8760 (fax)
    Nassau Y 12/01/2015 LogistiCare (844) 678-1103 (844) 678-1106
    Orange Y 01/01/2012 Medical Answering Services (855) 360-3543 (855) 360-3543
    Queens Y 01/01/2013 LogistiCare (877) 564-5922 (877) 585-8759 (fax)
    Rockland Y 01/01/2012 Medical Answering Services (855) 360-3542 (855) 360-3542
    Staten Island Y 01/01/2013 LogistiCare (877) 564-5922 (877) 585-8780 (fax)
    Suffolk Y 12/01/2015 LogistiCare (844) 678-1103 (844) 678-1106
    Westchester Y 01/01/2012 Medical Answering Services (866) 883-7865 (866) 883-7865