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  • Health Awareness Series: June 2017 - Tips To Keep Your Child Safe

    June 21, 2017

    We have all heard stories of how children get hurt from preventable accidents. Here are some ways to keep your children safe and out of the emergency room.


    • When cooking, put pots on the back burner. Face the handles towards the back of the stove.
    • Keep matches away from children.
    • Do not use portable electric heaters or keep the oven on to stay warm.
    • Use covers or caps on electrical outlets.
    • Make sure the water is not too hot when bathing or washing hands.

    Choking Hazards

    • Always check your child’s toys for small, loose pieces that can be easily swallowed.
    • Tie up curtain and window blinds’ cords and strings and keep out of children’s reach.
    • Take out the drawstrings from hoodies or jackets.
    • Never let children play with plastic bags.
    • If you have an old or borrowed crib, make sure the slats are no more than 23/8 inches apart.
    • If your baby is younger than 18 months, he or she should not sleep with blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals.

    Drowning Prevention

    • Never leave your children alone in the bath, not even for a second.
    • Teach children how to swim.
    • Never let children swim alone. Do not depend on lifeguards to look after your children.
    • If you have small children, keep the toilet lids down and locked.
    • Always put a life vest on if you are in a boat.

    Falls Prevention

    • Put safety guards on windows or have your landlord do it.
    • Put safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
    • Don’t let your children play on balconies, decks or around open windows.
    • Don’t let your children climb on furniture like bookcases or play by large-screen televisions (which can fall on your child and cause a serious injury).


    • Know the poison control number: 800.222.1222. Put it someplace easy to find.
    • Keep medicines out of reach or locked up.
    • Keep household and cleaning products in the bottles they came in and out of reach.
    • Follow instructions when you give your children medicine.
    • Never call medicine or vitamins candy.

    Sports and Playground Safety

    • Use helmets and knee/elbow pads when bike riding and skateboarding.
    • Learn the safety rules for riding bikes and playing sports.
    • Look for unsafe things on playgrounds and athletic fields, like glass, broken equipment or poles sticking out of the ground.
    • Make sure children have enough to drink and take rest breaks.
    • Teach proper playground and sports behavior.

    Car Seat Safety
    Every person who rides in a car must wear a seat belt. Children must be in car seats or booster seats that are right for their age. Make sure your car seat is up to date.

    For a complete list of tips, go to Safe Kids Worldwide:

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    New York State Department of Health, “Injury Prevention in New York State: Injury prevention for children”:
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