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  • Health Awareness Series: May 2016 - You Can Stop Smoking – With a Little Help

    May 24, 2016

    Quitting smoking is hard! Why even try to quit? Here’s why:

    • Tobacco smoke has many chemicals in it. It hurts both smokers and nonsmokers.
    • Cigarette smoking causes many kinds of cancer, including lung, esophagus, voice box, and throat.
    • Smoking also causes heart and lung diseases.
    • Cigarette smoking can cause a pregnant woman to have her baby too early, or have one that is very small.

    Reasons why people smoke and what they can do instead of smoking:

    Why people smoke What to do instead
    To relax or get rid of stress Deep breathing exercises, meditation, exercise.
    Because you are bored or lonely Find a hobby such as needle work, woodworking, join a book club, or take dance classes.
    To feel more at ease at a party or with other people Talk to a counselor who can give you tips, have a makeover, or take a public speaking class.
    It’s a habit after eating Eat a healthful meal. End the meal with a piece of fruit, a square of dark chocolate, or a stick of sugar free gum.

    The START program: 5 easy steps to help you stop smoking:

    S – Set: Set a date when you will stop smoking.
    T – Tell: Let family, friends, and co-workers know that you plan to quit.
    A – Anticipate: Plan what you will do during the hard times. If everyone is smoking at a party, what will you do instead? If you always have a cigarette with coffee, what else can you do?
    R – Remove: Throw out cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and work.
    T – Talk: Talk to your doctor. He or she might have ways to make quitting easier. There are some medicines you can take. Nicorette® gum or a nicotine patch may help.

    For more information on stopping smoking:

    Affinity Health Plan pays for many ways to help you stop smoking. Speak with your doctor today.

    Each year, smoking kills more people than AIDS, alcohol, drug abuse, car crashes, murders, suicides, and fires — combined!

    A word from Dr. Sharon Deans, Chief Medical Officer at Affinity Health Plan:
    Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you could do for your and your family’s health. Speak with your doctor today and receive tailored treatment to help you quit.

    To learn more:
    National Cancer Institute  

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