Affinity Health Plan

  • Reflecting on the 30th Anniversary of Affinity Health Plan

    February 07, 2016

    This special milestone, and our vision for the future, reflects Affinity Health Plan’s deep, long-term commitment to improving health care.

    As the first health plan licensed in New York State to serve publicly-sponsored programs, Affinity was unique in offering affordable, high quality coverage to underserved New Yorkers. Through Affinity’s vision and leadership, many more people receive the vital care they need.

    Affinity continues to take important steps to further advance healthcare, collaborating with trusted physicians to promote the life-saving benefits of primary care and prevention as a way of life. We are — and will always be — committed to improving the quality of health and lives of our Members.

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    KM on 03/06/2016
    Happy 30th to an amazing organization. Keep Transforming, Evolving and Innovating.
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