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  • January 2015

    To Prevent Pain and Damage from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Take Your Meds!

    January 20, 2015
    Powerful advances in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have changed the outlook for this chronic, debilitating illness. While no cure exists, a new class of medications, known as biologics, can do a lot to slow the progress of this disease.
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    Cigarette Smoking: Fifty Years Ago This Week

    January 13, 2015
    Fifty-one years ago this week, a health report was released that was so explosive that a press conference had to be held in secret. It might not sound like much today but the news was earth shattering back then.
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    Dealing with Seasonal Affective Mood Disorder

    January 05, 2015
    Seasonal Affective Mood Disorder (SAMD) is not just the holiday or post-holiday blues.  It is a major form of depression that seriously affects the lives of six to ten percent of the population, according to Dr. Elisabeth Hager, psychiatrist with Beacon Health Strategies. Another 10 to 20 percent have mild cases of the disorder that are not as disruptive, she said.
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