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  • December 2014

    Holidays (and Football) Raise the Chances for Domestic Violence

    December 29, 2014
    A frightful spike in domestic violence occurs this time of year. The holidays play one part; football plays another. Exactly what does America’s most popular sport have to do with domestic violence?
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    Practice Safety When Buying Holiday Toys

    December 15, 2014
    It's that time of year again when we hit the stores in search of the perfect holiday gift for our little ones.  While parents' love and affection are most vital in an infant's development, the right toys can open young  minds to growth and discovery.  Many of the best toys out there can stimulate a child's social, emotional and intellectual growth. But beware -- there could be danger lurking in that tricycle, doll or stuffed animal.
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    Plan Your Meals to Avoid Holiday Diet Hazards

    December 10, 2014
    It's a dangerous time of year for waistlines, especially if either losing weight or just staying at your present size is a goal. With office parties, holiday get-togethers and all those wonderful treats around, what is a tempted person to do?
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