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  • March 2015

    How Stress Affects Your Brain and Body

    March 13, 2015
    To understand stress, we have to go back to prehistoric times, when life-threatening danger, such as the type a saber-toothed tiger would present, helped the body develop the "fight or flight" response.
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    Know the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

    March 03, 2015

    Heart disease claims one in every four lives in America each year.  In numbers that is 610,000 people. It has cut across race and gender to become this country's leading cause of death among men and women. It's responsible for 25.1 percent of the deaths among Whites and 24.5 percent among African Americans. For Asians and Pacific Islanders it claims 23.2 percent and for Hispanics it's 20.8 percent. American Indians and Alaska Natives it accounts for 18 percent of the deaths, writes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC).


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