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  • Dental Services

    Affinity Health Plan Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Medicare, and Affinity Essentials Qualified Health Plan Members are covered for dental care through DentaQuest, our dental plan administrator.

    • Regular and routine dental services, supplies and devices are covered.

    • Members do not need a referral or authorization from their Primary Care Provider for dental services.

    • Members can choose their own DentaQuest dental provider, or, if they do not have a preference, a dental provider is assigned.

    • Members may contact DentaQuest at any time to change their primary dentist or get assistance in making a dental appointment.

    • DentaQuest provider assistance is available at 1-888-308-2508 (TTY: 1-800-662-1220) or

    General components for good dental health

    • Brush and floss teeth twice a day

    • Eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. Limit sugar.

    • Establish a dental home and see a dentist as often as the dentist recommends.

    • Routine dental exams and cleanings should occur every 6 months.

    • Become familiar with teeth and gums so as to identify problems early.

    Dental Health for Pregnant Women

    • Pregnant women should see a dentist at least once during their pregnancy

    • Dental Care during pregnancy is safe and effective

    • Poor dental care may result in preterm or low birth weight

    Dental health for Children

    • Refer to a dentist when the first tooth erupts, by 1 year at the latest, then every 6 months.

    • Encourage wiping the child's gum and teeth after each feeding. Brush after the first tooth erupts.

    • Discourage putting infants to bed with a bottle. Use only water to aid in getting the infant to  sleep.

    • Promote healthy eating behaviors and limited consumption of juices and sugary drinks and food

    • As children age, refer to the list general components for good dental health as seen above.

    • Fluoride varnish applications 2-4 time each year can significantly reduce cavities in young children.

    Fluoride Varnish

    Fluoride plays an important role in preventing dental caries. Because infants and young children are more likely to see a physician than a dentist, The Department of Health encourages primary care physicians, pediatricians and nurse practitioners to implement a fluoride varnish application program in their practices.

    If you choose to give varnish treatments, Affinity strongly encourages you to obtain training in pediatric oral health risk assessment and fluoride varnish application. Training information is available at the New York State Department of Health website. 

    Webbased Resources for Information on Oral Health

    The following is a list of organizational websites that include oral health information for health care professionals. Some also include fact sheets for public education, suitable for distribution to patients. Please note that this list is not designed to be comprehensive or officially endorsed by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

    Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Group on Oral Health

    Endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians and includes CME modules that may be taken at no cost.

    American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)

    American Dental Association (ADA)

    New York State Department of Health

    National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center

    Fluoride Varnish: A Resource Guide

    This guide provides an annotated list of resources on the use and application of fluoride varnish, including journal articles, materials on meetings, policies, professional education, tools and training, public education and state and local programs.

    Brochures and Educational Materials  

    Bright Futures Toolbox: Resources for Families

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    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Posted on Website)

    Brochure for primary care providers: "Early Childhood Oral Health: What you need to know about fluoride varnish and how you can promote early childhood oral health". On the home page, if one clicks on "Health Provider", the brochure appears in the right column

    Fact sheet for consumers: "Ask your pediatrician about fluoride varnish"