Affinity Health Plan

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      Child Health Plus

      If you are looking for health coverage for your children, Affinity offers Child Health Plus (CHPlus), a New York State sponsored program. CHPlus now covers many more children, giving them great health care and a brighter future.

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      Essential Plans

      A new health plan for New Yorkers. It costs much less than other health plans. And it offers the same essential benefits.

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      Affinity Medicaid Program

      Affinity Health Plan's Medicaid managed program ranks among the largest in the New York metropolitan area.

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      Enriched Health (HARP)

      Affinity’s Enriched Health is a new health plan that offers an enhanced benefits package for Medicaid-eligible members with complex behavioral health needs.

    • Exchange

      Affinity Qualified Health Plans

      Did you know that you can still sign up on the healthcare exchange?

      Find out about the special enrollment period for life event changes.

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      Affinity Medicare Programs

      What if along with saving on your health care, you could get more benefits too? That is the promise of Affinity Health Plan's Medicare programs. Both Affinity Medicare Advantage plans cover Medicare Part D prescription drugs.