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  • Your Health. Our Coverage.

    Your family’s healthcare needs are unique. That’s why Affinity Health Plan offers you the freedom to choose from our range of AffinityAccess Qualified Health Plans. Whether it’s AffinityAccess, Access Direct or AffinityAccess 2.0, each plan delivers the protection you need to keep you and your loved ones healthy. With a network of more than 40,000 providers, over 88 of New York’s best hospitals and 70,000 available pharmacies, quality care is never out of reach.

    All of our plans offer free preventive care services, such as annual check-ups and vaccinations, regardless of your income level. This means no additional out-of-pocket expenses to you.

    Open enrollment starts November 1, 2016. Enroll in an AffinityAccess Plan today and get coverage for these essential health benefits:

    • Outpatient care—the care you get without being admitted to a hospital
    • Trips to the emergency room
    • Treatment in the hospital for inpatient care
    • Care before and after your baby is born
    • Mental health and substance use disorder services
    • Prescription drugs
    • Services and devices to help you recover if you are injured, or have a disability or chronic condition.
    • Your lab tests
    • Preventive services including counseling, screenings, and vaccines to keep you healthy and care for managing a chronic disease
    • Pediatric services: This includes dental care and vision care for kids

    All plans include child vision and dental coverage. Final premium rates may vary based on verified income and county of residence.

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      Young Family with Children

      Peter and Kathleen are a young family living in Tarrytown with one child in public school. Both are freelancers and money is tight. Both need adult dental and vision benefits. They bought an AffinityAccess plan for health care premiums that could be as low as $609 per month, depending on income and other guidelines. The premiums could even be lower based on the subsidy their family qualifies for. This gives Peter and Kathleen the affordable healthcare they need and grants them peace of mind.
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      Single Parent With One Child

      Carlos is over 30 years old and college educated. A single parent living on one income in the Bronx, he commutes, balances the budget and takes care of his young son, who needs pediatric dental services. This is why Carlos decided to buy an AffinityAccess plan. With premiums as low as $166.57 per month, depending on his income and other guidelines, Carlos is able to better juggle a fast-paced life. The premiums could even be lower depending on the subsidy he qualifies for.
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      Millennial – Single

      Cristina is 26, single, and pursuing a career as an actress. Living in Brooklyn, she works at night in a diner and rehearses all day. Funds are low. Needing health insurance, Cristina came home after a late night shift and went to Affinity Member Portal to purchase AffinityAccess Catastrophic insurance. She obtained health care premiums as low as $213.89 per month, depending on income and other guidelines. The premiums could be even lower, depending on the subsidy Cristina qualifies for. Now she has coverage she can actually afford.
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      Beta Hipsters

      Frank is a 58 year-old entrepreneur living in Queens. He is doing contract work and embarking on a second career. He seeks health insurance like the one he has always known. Frank purchased an AffinityAccess plan for premiums as low as $411.22 per month and includes adult dental and vision, depending on income and other guidelines. Frank did his homework and now has coverage that is significantly less costly than other plans.
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      LGBT Couple

      Brendan and Charles are a same-sex married couple living on one income in Manhattan. They have one child together. They need access to the best healthcare they can afford for themselves and their child. They came to AffinityAccess to take advantage of premiums as low as $510 per month, depending on income and other guidelines. Now they are all insured and secure.