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  • Special Enrollment Period

    Missed the open enrollment deadline? You could still get coverage!

    The official 2017 open enrollment period runs from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. However, there are some situations outside of these dates in which you, your spouse or child can still enroll for coverage. They include:

    • Lost your health coverage – i.e., your current plan expires, you lose job-based coverage, or your COBRA ends
    • Got married or divorced
    • Got pregnant, gave birth or adopted a child
    • Moved to New York, or from one county to another within New York State
    • Became a US citizen
    • Income changed and your eligibility for advance payments of the premium tax credits was affected
    • See others here or watch this video

    If any of the above circumstances apply, you don’t have to wait until open enrollment to sign up for a plan. You can apply now for high-quality, affordable healthcare with Affinity Health Plan. You may even be eligible for premium tax credits or lower out-of-pocket costs that reduce how much you pay for coverage.

    Find Out If You Qualify

    Call Affinity Health Plan at 866-731-8001, email us(include your phone number) or visit us in person at one of our Community Service Centers. Click here to find a location near you.

    Please note: enrollment for Medicaid and Child Health Plus plans is open year-round. Call, visit or email us so we can help you determine the best plan for you.