• Corporate Citizenship

  • We at Affinity Health Plan recognize and accept the importance of shared personal values. These values dictate how we achieve our mission, increase personal effectiveness, and demonstrate our commitment to our community.

    Volunteerism improves the quality of life in communities across New York.  Through Affinity’s Corporate Citizenship and Employee Volunteerism program, our staff devotes their time and talents to make neighborhoods better, cleaner and safer.

    To date, Affinity Health Plan has established relationships with New York Cares, City Harvest and local soup kitchens. Annually, employees participate and fundraise for local charitable walks, food and clothing drives, and organize clean-up days at parks and schools throughout NYC.

  • Corporate Citizenship Opportunities

    We are always looking to expand our efforts and help even more New Yorkers. Let us know how Affinity Health Plan employees can volunteer for your organization.

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