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  • HER Story

    Our final collage features (clockwise from the top) Denise Tutt, Technical Services Group Service Desk Sr. Manager, Affinity Health Plan; Rema Webb, Actress & Founder/Executive Director, On Broadway Performing Arts Training Program; Nataly Bisono, Marketing Recertification Manager, Affinity Health Plan. Check out our stories for their individual highlights. 

  • We’ve arrived at the last three days of Women’s History Month. It’s been an honor to feature these talented sheroes, and we thank our local female community leaders and Affinity staff for sharing their thoughts and quotes on female excellence. Read about our last three honorees below and in our social media stories.

  • HERstory

    • Denise Tutt

      Denise Tutt

      Technical Services Group Service Desk Sr. Manager, Affinity Health Plan

      "Reflecting on the past and present, the women who have shaped my world are Sojourner Truth, Harriett Tubman, Mrs. Diaz (my 4th grade teacher) and most important to me, my inspiration, my mom Julia. These women all represent strong, lasting examples of true contributors, challenging the norm and pushing forward despite the obstacles during their lifetimes. I am forever grateful for each of them."

    • Rema Webb

      Actress & Founder/Executive Director, On Broadway Performing Arts Training Program

      “It’s a pleasure to celebrate women, especially all of the women who have challenged gender inequality and have been proactive in making change...women upon whose shoulders we stand. There’s still work to do, and I’m deeply committed to do my part. Join me!” #choosetochallenge

      Rema Webb
    • Nataly Bisono

      Nataly Bisono

      Marketing Recertification Manager, Affinity Health Plan

      “I believe in the power of women, and it begins with me. Listen to them, support them, hear them and, most importantly, let’s care for each other every day. There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. As Mother Teresa once said, 'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.'” #choosetochallenge

    • Sabine Mansfield

      Finance Executive Assistant, Affinity Health Plan

      “The universe does not make mistakes. ‘Mistakes’ are only an innocent discovery of who we are not, thus leading us closer to the truth of who we are.”

      Sabine Mansfield
    • Shantay Carter

      Shantay Carter

      Registered Nurse, Founder of Women Of Integrity Inc.

      “#ChooseToChallenge to me means that, as a nurse and a community leader, it's my job to use my platform to educate and empower my Black and Brown communities – especially when they are affected by racial and health disparities. I educate them about their health and their rights so that they become empowered to advocate for themselves.”

    • Danielle DiSilvestro

      Provider Relations Manager, Affinity Health Plan

      “#ChooseToChallenge to me means to never settle on the status quo just because people say that’s how things are. You should always speak up and try to make life better for yourself and others.”

      Danielle DiSilvestro
    • Nilda Arias

      Nilda Arias

      Claims Sr. Director, Affinity Health Plan

      "A woman is not afraid to work hard, going above and beyond to get the job done. And although she might feel her work is never perfect, time and time again history has proven otherwise. 'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.' ”

    • Maura Bluestone

      Maura Bluestone is the fearless pioneer who founded Affinity Health Plan 35 years ago, then known as Bronx Health Plan. Affinity was the first health plan licensed in New York State to offer public-sector health programs. As Affinity’s first CEO, Ms. Bluestone had one goal in mind: to offer affordable, high quality health care coverage to New Yorkers. Her objective continues to be our mission to this day.

      Maura Bluestone
    • Lisa Sorin

      Lisa Sorin

      President, Bronx Chamber of Commerce

      “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Ghandi

    • Alisa Simmons

      Vice President of Operations, Quality & Risk Management, Affinity Health Plan

      “The late Dr. Maya Angelou has been an inspiration ever since I was gifted a book of her early poetry in middle school by a family friend. She used the voice she was given—expressed through writing—to bring about awareness to the dissonance, inequalities and indignities that women and young girls faced every day; she dedicated her life’s work to changing the view of the value of girls/women and of our contributions to the world.”

      Alisa Simmons
    • Flora Ferng

      Flora Ferng

      East Asian Communities Liaison, NYC Commission on Human Rights

      “Serving the immigrant communities in NYC, I have witnessed the inequalities women of color are subject to, from housing injustice, workplace discrimination, domestic violence to hate crimes. I use education as a preventative measure against discrimination and bias. However, I also recognize how that may not be enough. Having intersecting identities, such as being an Asian woman, or a transgender woman, or a transgender Asian woman, can make someone more vulnerable to discrimination. #ChoosetoChallenge means choosing to challenge the legacies of the patriarchy, while also challenging the legacies of racism and heteronormativity; it means standing in solidarity to all the women who fought before, with and after me”

    • Ileana Negron

      Procurement Manager, Affinity Health Plan

      “My mother is the woman who has inspired me the most. Although she’s no longer with me, her words of wisdom still guide me: ‘As a woman, learn to stand on your own two feet. Embrace life’s challenges and never depend on others to achieve success or happiness in life! Be sure that what you’ve attained is what you’ve earned and not handed to you.”

      Ileana Negron
    • Michelle Squire

      Michelle Squire

      Director of Case Management, Affinity Health Plan

      “As a nurse, I feel privileged to have worked alongside countless influential women throughout my career. Almost 20 years ago, I met one of the greatest nurses that I will ever know, Jenna Wallace. Together, Jenna and I worked in a Pediatric Intensive Care/Trauma unit caring for children and their families during their most difficult time of need. Jenna was outspoken, never wavering in sharing her thoughts or what she felt was best for a patient. She was brilliant, with deep nursing expertise and a knack for “anticipating” clinical scenarios before they occurred. Jenna was empathetic, with every child that she cared for being thought of as her own and provided with the best and safest nursing care that she knew possible. Jenna was simply exceptional. She dedicated her life to nursing and eventually became an Adult Cardiothoracic Nurse Practitioner, until the day she was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. Even when faced with her own mortality, Jenna never wavered – she continued to advocate for our nursing profession, she fought for improvements in evidence-based medicine, she continued to provide exceptional care to her patients, and remained empathetic to all others needs above her own. Jenna lived a life dedicated to others. She impacted my life more than she will ever know and influenced the lives of every patient that she cared for.”

    • Bharati Sukul Kemraj

      Senior Associate, Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates and Founder, The Bharati Foundation

      "As we celebrate women's history month, I reflect on all those who came before me, what they have done, and the sacrifices they made in order to pave the way for me and all women and generations to come. My mom, grandmother, sisters and community ladies get credit for the woman I am today. Because of them, I am empowered to inspire others and connect resources to those in need while promoting literacy, health and education. Through words and actions, they all have instilled the importance of culture, value, and strength."


      Bharati Sukul Kemraj
    • Quenia Abreu

      Quenia Abreu

      President and CEO, NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Founder, Women and Minority Business Development Center

      "The women that have inspired me the most are the women in my family, especially my grandmother Ramonita and my mother Josefina. ¡Son unas guerreras!"


    • Jocelyn Caba

      Manager - Customer Service

      "Feminism isn’t about making women stronger… We come out the womb strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength."

      Jocelyn Caba
    • Moonira Asmal

      Moonira Asmal

      Community Outreach Manager, BELL Organization

      "#choosetochallenge: I hope that the work I have set off to do helps motivate youths, young girls and women alike from all communities so that they know and understand that with the Almighty's guidance we can make the world a better place."

    • Debbie Bujosa

      Brand Marketing Manager

      "The woman I most admire is my daughter. Although raised in a single-parent home in a tough neighborhood, Michelle has managed to excel in a career that few women have the opportunity to break into. She works as a camerawoman/cinematographer in the entertainment industry and has persevered despite sexism and racism. I may be her mom, but I’m not biased when I say that she is carving a new path for women in entertainment and proving that there are no barriers when you are persistent and have passion and talent for the job."

      Debbie Bujosa
    • Atia Shahnaz

      Atia Shahnaz

      President, PASWO (Pakistani American Skilled Women organization)

      "It is vital to promote the rights of all individuals and reduce gender-based violence while mitigating its harmful effects on individuals and communities. Unless women fully enjoy their human rights and are free from violence, progress toward development will fall short."

    • Desiree Sanchez

      Sr. Director, Human Resources

      "While there’s success in being the only woman in the room – that’s not true success. True success comes when you’re able to open doors for others to join you. So continue to put in the work, climb the ladder, break the glass ceiling and always extend a reaching hand to fill the room with thriving women. #choosetochallenge"

      Desiree Sanchez