• Plan Details

  • Enriched Health is a new health plan that offers an enhanced benefits package for Medicaid-eligible members with complex behavioral health care needs.

  • Handbooks and Inserts

  • Enriched Health includes coverage for all Medicaid benefits and services like doctor’s visits, emergency care, lab tests, and prescription drugs plus an enhanced benefit package of Behavioral Health Home and Community-Based Services (BH HCBS). Beacon Health Options provides behavioral health and substance use disorder services for our members, such as:

    • Substance use disorder services (inpatient and outpatient treatment, detox services and more)
    • Individual and group counseling
    • Personal Recovery Oriented Services
    • Assertive community treatment
    • And more


    Care Management is an important part of Enriched Health
    With Enriched Health, a Health Home will be established as your center of care. Your health home will assign a dedicated Care Manager who will coordinate all your physical and behavioral health care needs and create a personalized plan of care. Your Care Manager will also assess your need for Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BH HCBS) that may include:

    • Housing assistance
    • Education services
    • Employment services
    • Stress management
    • And more

    Affinity’s Enriched Health helps you get the combination of services that works best for you. Review our comprehensive list of Health Homes.

    Who Can Join Enriched Health?
    Medicaid members who are 21 and over and have received a letter from New York State notifying them of their eligibility.

    For more information about Enriched Health, please refer to the member handbook or call 866.247.5678, TTY 711.

  • Affinity Health Plan now offers cost-effective alternatives to current approved Medicaid services.

    Affinity Health Plan now provides our Medicaid and Enriched Health members with access to alternative services that are more cost-effective and medically appropriate than those regularly offered by your Medicaid plan. Called "In lieu of services" (ILS), this new benefit provides services in settings that are not included or otherwise covered by your plan. Click here to learn more about ILS.