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  • Seven Ways to Shed Those Holiday Pounds

  • Seven Ways to Shed Those Holiday Pounds

    Here are some tips on how to help you lose those extra pounds and get back to your pre-holiday shape.

    Drink more water.

    At least five pounds of your excess weight could be due to water-retention from eating salty foods. Water helps with weight loss and helps the body with its “system flush”. It lessens hunger pangs and boosts your energy by making up for any dehydration you might be experiencing.

    Drink more water

    Say no to desserts.

    At least for a while. Sugar, saturated fats and salt are your enemies when trying to lose weight. If you just can’t ignore a craving or suppress it by drinking water, go for a small piece of dark chocolate, or small amounts of fruits and nuts.

    Say no to desserts

    Exercise, stretch, walk.

    Movement is necessary to help with weight loss, and it’s a must for good health. Since gyms are mostly off limits right now, try walking 20-30 minutes every other day. Stretching revs up your metabolism, increases flexibility and improves posture. Don’t forget to dance around your living room or exercise along with online videos. Just what we need during these work-from-home days.

    Exercise, stretch, walk

    Eat less take-out.

    Eating fresh ingredients that you prepare yourself will not only save you money, but it will help you control your salt and sugar intake. Remember to keep your portions small. Drink water to feel full and help with digestion.

    Eat less take-out

    Eat fruit.

    Bake small batches of those holiday cookies, and ditch any leftovers. Buy fruit you actually like and keep it where you can see it. Make fruit even yummier by mixing easy smoothies using ice, orange juice and your fruit of choice (mangos, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.). Though great for potassium, bananas contain a lot of sugar, so enjoy moderately.

    Eat Fruit

    Nix the sugar and flour.

    Sugar and white flour are a weight loss no-no. Flour products should contain whole wheat instead of bleached or unbleached flour. Whole wheat adds fiber, which helps digestion, and is considered a “good” carb.

    Nix the sugar and flour

    Set goals and reward yourself.

    Don’t try to lose weight all at once. Set 2-3-pound goals every 1-2 weeks, and reward yourself with a small non-food treat. Keeping your goals small helps you to succeed, which in turn will help keep you motivated to continue. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t lose as much as you expected or if you even gain a pound or two along the way. It’s normal. Stick to your plan and start the new year a healthier you.



    James Williams. Blogger, website creator and founder of Activate Instruction.