• Healthy Beginnings Maternity Program

  • Healthy Beginnings is a special program for pregnant moms. The program gives mothers-to-be helpful tools and information so you can make healthy choices during your pregnancy. You can even talk to a nurse any time to answer your questions about your pregnancy.

    This program is for eligible members to help them understand and manage their pregnancy. As part of the program, you will complete an assessment at various times during your pregnancy. The answers you give will let us know how we can help you during your pregnancy. If you have special needs, you will be contacted by a maternity nurse. Our nurse talks with your doctor to be sure you get the support you need. We will also give you a Free Book on Pregnancy.

    Here’s what you’ll receive:

    • Pregnancy assessments
    • Free book: Your Journey Through Pregnancy
    • A toll-free number you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nurses will answer any questions you have about pregnancy
    • A dedicated maternity site with helpful information
    • Gift cards when you complete your required prenatal and postpartum visits
    • Free text messages with pregnancy information timed to your due date

    You can even stay in this free program for six weeks after your baby is born.

    Sign up and have access to a variety of items to help you through your pregnancy. All of this is at no additional cost to you.

    Already signed up to Healthy Beginnings? Have your doctor sign the Maternity Program Rewards form for your prenatal and postpartum visits to receive your $25 gift cards.