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  • Member Rewards Program 2020

  • Affinity Health Plan’s Member Rewards Program encourages members to visit their doctors for necessary screenings and services, and rewards them with gift cards when they do. These screenings can help find risk factors for diseases and keep our members healthy.

    Below you will find links to the Members Rewards Program.

    Gift cards cannot be converted into cash or used toward the purchase of cigarettes or alcohol. Affinity’s Member Rewards Program may be discontinued at any time. For more information or questions, email us at or call the Quality Management Department at 718.794.7764 (TTY 711).

    In addition to our Member Rewards Program, Affinity offers a $50 Amazon e-gift card to members who visit their primary care doctor for an annual wellness visit. For more information, please call customer service at 1.866.247.5678.

  • Member Rewards Program 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does Affinity Health Plan offer Member Rewards?
    As a health insurance organization and member advocate, one of Affinity’s primary responsibilities is to help our members achieve and maintain their best health. Through the Member Rewards Program, we motivate our members to seek preventive care and manage chronic illnesses.
    How were Affinity's member rewards chosen?
    Annually, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) provide health plans with a list of medical services deemed most critical for plans to provide to their members. In fact, they  measure quality performance  based on how well plans and their providers  deliver these services. Affinity  chooses measures for the Member Rewards Program  based on  these important medical services.
    Are all members eligible for rewards?
    No. The medical services that offer rewards were selected based on the health needs of members in Medicaid, Enriched Health and Child Health Plus, as well as specific age ranges and diagnosed health conditions. Visit  for a summary of program requirements, rewards offered, care needed to qualify for rewards and the tracking forms members must complete when the services are received.
    What do members have to do to receive their rewards?

    It’s really easy for members to earn their rewards! They just need to:

    • receive specific medical care;
    • ask the doctor to sign the Rewards Tracking Form;
    • make a copy of the form for their own records;
    • send the form to Affinity’s Quality Management Department; and
    • receive the reward in the mail within 4-6 weeks!
    When should a member have received services?
    Services must have been received in 2020. However, rewards for breast cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer screenings will be processed if the service was received prior to 2020 and the dates fall within the required timeframe. Please refer to the Eligibility Guidelines at for specific timeframes.
    When is the last day that a member can send their form to Affinity?
    Affinity must receive Member Rewards Tracking Forms by January 31, 2021.
    What if a member has additional questions that are not covered in this list?
    For additional questions or concerns regarding the Member Rewards program, call the Quality Management Department directly at 718.794.7764 or email Have the member's name, Affinity ID# and telephone number handy when you call.