• Building a Healthy Relationship

  • A healthy relationship can do more than just make you happy. It can provide emotional support and a buffer against stress. For some people, a healthy relationship may even improve sleep patterns or blood pressure. In older people, social and romantic relationships have been shown to protect against physical decline and speed up recuperation time after hospitalization.

    How do you know if you have a healthy relationship? And how do you build one? The signs of a healthy relationship include:

    • Enjoying spending time together!
    • Encouraging each other’s interests and goals.
    • Having equal decision-making power in your relationship.
    • Communicating openly.
    • Feeling comfortable talking about sex.
    • Trusting each other, and respecting each other’s privacy.

    Good relationships take work from both partners. You can build a good relationship by:

    • Building Trust – Listen to your partner.
    • Be dependable – if you make plans, follow through on them.
    • Don’t assume what your partner is thinking or feeling. Ask.
    • Having good fights. Couples disagree!

    Keep making fun plans and going on dates, even if you’ve been married for years. Because of the social distancing rules we need to follow at the moment, you may need to be creative, but the effort will be worth it! You and your partner are sharing the story of your life together, a story that you are constantly rereading. You have some control over how enjoyable the memories and the story will be.

    Resources for healthy relationships

    Love Is Respect: loveisrespect.org, The Trevor Project: thetrevorproject.org, University of Wisconsin:  https://parenting.extension.wisc.edu/healthy-relationships/additional-resources-healthy-relationships/