• Early Help Makes a Difference

  • Every child grows at a different rate. But, have you noticed that your child is not doing all the things that the other kids are doing? Don’t wait. Get help. Act early!

    Here are some things you can expect your child to be doing at:

    • 3 months: turn heads towards bright colors and lights, move both eyes to the same direction at one time, respond to mother’s voice, make cooing sounds, smile
    • 6 months: follow moving objects with eyes, reach for things and pick them up, help hold bottle during feeding, roll over
    • 12 months: sit up, pull to a standing positon, crawl, play peek-a-boo, wave goodbye, say at least one word
    • 18 months: push and pull objects, say at least six words, follow simple directions, feed themselves, walk without help
    • 2 years: use two- or three-word sentences, say about 50 words, recognize pictures, kick a ball forwar, turn two or three pages together
    • 3 years: throw a ball overhand, ride a tricycle, put on their shoes, open the door, turn one page at a time, repeat common rhymes

    If you feel there is a problem, or that your child is falling behind, talk to your doctor who might talk to you about the New York State Early Intervention Program (EIP). The EIP is a program run by New York State for children with disabilities. It offers special help to children under three years old and their families.

    EIP can help you with:

    • Hearing and vision screenings
    • Speech, physical and other therapies
    • Home visits
    • Family education, counseling and parent support groups
    • Nursing and social work help

    How can you get EIP services for your child?

    If your doctor thinks there is a problem, he or she will help you get in touch with an EIP program. The EIP is FREE for any child who qualifies. In New York State, Medicaid and private health insurance can help pay for EIP services. 

    You can also get in touch with EIP yourself by calling 800.522.5006. In New York City, call 311.

    For more information on the EIP program, go to: