• Tips for Taking Your Medications

  • Affinity has thousands of members who take statins for managing (bad) cholesterol and for keeping a healthy heart. It’s very important that if you are prescribed a statin, or any medication, you discuss the reasons and the treatment with your doctor, and take it as it was prescribed to you!

    Affinity wants to help you stay on course with your medications. That’s why, if you are on a statin, you will be receiving a robocall when your prescription is due. We’re sorry to bother you, but your health is important to us! If after receiving the robocall you still forget to pick up your pills, we’ll send you a letter AND we’ll let your prescriber (doctor) know.

    If you have any concerns about your medications, you should call your doctor right away. The CVS/Caremark team can also help, and they can be reached at 855.465.0031.

    Remembering when and how to take medication can be difficult, but there are ways to make it easier. The following ideas might help:

    • Make a list of all your medications and keep that list in a safe place you won’t forget. If you’re comfortable with computers, save the list there. Remember to include:
      • The names of the medications
      • What the medications treat
      • How often you take a pill
      • How often each prescription is refilled
      • Whether to take a medication with food
      • Whether you can drink alcohol while taking a medication
      • What to do if you miss a dose

      If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, ask your pharmacist.

    • Get a pill dispenser. They come in all different sizes, and you can get one that separates pills by the time of day you take them. Make a reminder in your calendar, or set a repeating alarm on your phone, for when you need to take a pill.
    • Keep your pill bottles. If you have trouble keeping a list, or if you want a backup, you should keep your pill bottles with the labels still on. When you visit your doctor, bring all your pill bottles and your doctor can make sure your records are up to date. It’s absolutely necessary for your health and safety that all your doctors know every single medication you take!
    • Use one pharmacy. If you use one pharmacy, then the pharmacist knows everything you take, and can help keep you safe. Medications keep you healthy, but only if they’re taken correctly.

    No matter what, remember to discuss all your medications (and supplements) with your doctor. Help your doctor take the best care of you!