• Vaccines: what should parents know?

  • Vaccines: what should parents know?

    Parents want to do the best to protect and care for their child, and it isn’t always easy. Making sure you and your child get your vaccines on time is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your family stays healthy for their whole lives. Vaccines are the best way to stay protected against disease.

    Are vaccines (shots) safe?  

    Yes, vaccines are safe. Vaccines have been carefully reviewed by doctors, scientists, and other healthcare professionals over many years. Some people have serious allergic reactions to them, but this is very rare. Be sure to let your doctor know if you or your child has any allergies before getting a vaccine.

    Why should I vaccinate my child?  

    Vaccines (shots) help your child’s immune system fight diseases and protects them from life-threatening sickness.

    Making sure your family has their shots can also help stop diseases from spreading. There are some diseases that don’t exist anymore because generations of people got vaccinated.

    When does my child need their shots?  

    Making sure your baby or child gets the necessary vaccines on time helps boost their immune system before they come across viruses and germs that can make them very sick. Babies are born with low immune systems and this can cause them to get sick very easily, so getting them vaccinated when it is recommended by their doctor can help build up their immune system and keep them from getting sick.

    Here is helpful chart to make sure that your baby or child is vaccinated on-time: