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    • Affinity Earns 4-Star Quality Rating from DOH

      Affinity Earns 4-Star Quality Rating from DOH

      Affinity Health Plan received an overall 4 stars for New York City, Long Island and Hudson Valleyfrom the New York State Department of Health’s 2019 Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid and Child Health Plus Managed Care Plans.  Affinity’s 2019 overall 4-star rating covers the following clinical areas: Child and Adolescent Care, Women’s Preventative Care, Maternal Care, Adult Care, and Diabetes Care.

      The complete guide can be found at


    • Quality Is Key to Our Success!

      If you are curious to know how well or how to improve your quality performance before the end of 2019 and maximize your reward potential, the QIP Report will give you a breakdown by all qualifying measures across all lines of business.
      Providers also can visit the Affinity Health Plan website at https://www.affinityplan.org/Providers/Providers/ to learn more about CAHPS®, HEDIS ®/QARR Measures and Coding, Quality Incentive Program and Mandatory Reporting Requirements.  

      Quality Is Key to Our Success!
    • Your Patient’s Profile Tells the Whole Story

      Your Patient’s Profile Tells the Whole Story

      Patients don’t always tell the doctor everything – sometimes they are scared to and sometimes they forget. The clinical profile of your patients includes a full list of all admissions; physician, urgent care and ED visits; prescriptions and hospitalizations.
      It’s a complete health record of your patients. 
      Affinity Health Plan is committed to offering our providers the most comprehensive information to monitor and evaluate your patients, our members. We are committed to being your partner in care.