• CAHPS Explanation

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    What is a CAHPS® survey?
    The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) surveys are given to patients by mail or phone to collect information about their experiences with their providers. By revealing various aspects of care from doctors, nurses and staff in hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare facilities, CAHPS® is an important tool to advance scientific understanding of patients’ experiences.

    How can the CAHPS® survey help to improve patient experience?
    The results of the CAHPS® survey can be used to improve the delivery of services, identify key areas to provide better clinical care and elevate the standards of patient-provider relationships.

    Who administers the CAHPS® surveys?
    The CAHPS® surveys are administered annually by the New York State Department of Health and by NCQA certified CAHPS® vendors to ensure neutral and credible results.

    Which product lines are surveyed?
    At Affinity Health Plan, members enrolled in Medicaid and Essential Plan products participate in the CAHPS® surveys.

    When is the CAHPS® survey conducted?
    The CAHPS® survey is conducted during different times of the year. The CAHPS® survey for Medicaid begins in September and ends in January, while the CAHPS® survey for Essential Plan is conducted from March through May.


    What is the CAHPS® survey process?
    1. The initial CAHPS® questionnaire packet is mailed to participants.
    2. If the participant does not return the completed survey, a reminder postcard and/or second questionnaire packet is sent to the participant.
    3. Non-respondents will be called on the phone for a final follow-up.