• Compliance

  • The Compliance and Regulatory Affairs department is responsible for organizational compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and contractual requirements for all lines of Affinity's business. The Compliance and Regulatory Affairs function is an enterprise-wide service that ensures that Affinity, its Board of Directors, employees, and business partners, conduct business activities in an ethical, professional, and legal manner.

    The department has two units: Corporate Compliance and Regulatory & Legal Affairs

    Corporate Compliance

    • Maintains the Corporate Compliance program and Code of Ethics
    • Protects Affinity's integrity and financial resources from fraudulent, wasteful, and abusive activity by identifying, investigating, and resolving instances of healthcare fraud as well as compliance-related allegations
    • Identifies and assesses risks to the enterprise and works to control, monitor, and mitigate future activity
    • Develops and organizes corporate-wide training programs for compliance-related activities

    Regulatory & Legal Affairs

    • Serves as Affinity's main liaison with State agencies and local districts
    • Tracks impact of the regulatory mandates and assures implementation in the operational areas
    • Assists with the development of lobbying strategy and health policy analysiss