ATTENTION: Our Community Service Centers in Flatbush, Fordham and Yonkers are currently closed.  Check here for the CSC's that are open.. To speak with a representative live via Zoom, visit or call 866.247.5678.
  • Information

  • Affinity Health Plan is committed to providing quality health care coverage. Our philosophy is to award business to those suppliers who help us achieve our business objectives. Vendors will continue to receive our business as long as they remain competitive and follow required policies and procedures.

    What You Can Expect

    We conduct our commercial relationships in a professional and ethical manner that will ensure that our suppliers know we value their business. We look forward to working with you.

    Ethical Standards

    At Affinity, we seek vendors who operate by the following standards:

    • Ethical treatment of all employees and suppliers
    • Integrity in all transactions
    • Quality products/services that meet or exceed industry standards
    • Responsible for the replacement of, return of, and/or financial credit back for products/services not meeting standards
    • Strict adherence to all purchase order, packing and transportation requirements
    • Compliance with all invoicing requirements

    Compliance Training

    Affinity's vendors, suppliers, and other business partners who are either interested in or currently doing business with Affinity Health Plan must complete the Supplier Attestation Web Form to register their company profile as part of Affinity's compliance requirements.